Thursday, September 18, 2014

Guest House Construction in Los Angeles

By Romney Tripp

A guest house is a secondary suite that is either detached or attached to a single dwelling home. It usually contains a small bathroom, kitchen and sleeping/living area. Guest homes are starting to become more and more popular in Los Angeles and this has only increased with the recent change in zoning regulations.

Zoning regulations in Los Angeles have recently been amended to allow homeowners to legally build a guest house on their property. Guest house construction can now be completed on R-1 (residential) lots as long as its building requirements are met.

Take a look at the standards homeowners must meet to construct a guest house legally as well as the many benefits of having one on your property.

Benefits of a Guest House

There are many benefits to having an attached or detached guest house next to your home:
A guest house is the perfect place for a young college student who might be going to school nearby and thus live there, or even come by to visit often. Parents like having their children close but when they get to a certain age, the young adults crave privacy. A guest house is the perfect place to give them the privacy they need but still keep them close to you and on your property.

A secondary suite can also be a great place for a homeowner's elderly parents who can no longer live on their own. It allows them to have their own space and feel independent while still remaining close by. This also saves you money as you do not have to pay for their care at a facility for seniors which can be very expensive.

A guest home is the perfect place for your guests to stay while visiting but it can also be used for many other purposes. When not in use by friends or family, it can be the perfect office space, studio or quiet area away from the main home. It only makes sense to make the most use out of your guest house. Furthermore, by doing this you will be adding more living space to your main home. You will no longer need a room in the house for these uses which allows you to utilize the extra space for other purposes.

Additionally, a guest house adds a certain kind of appeal to any property as it makes it larger but also more valuable. By constructing a secondary dwelling on your property, you are not only increasing your main home's living space but also adding to its value and future resale value. Many home buyers are now requesting to only look at homes that have an existing guest house or the space to be able to build one. This trend will only keep increasing as years go by.

L.A. Guest House Construction: Zoning Regulations

Take a look at some of the standards that homeowners and builders must follow when building a second dwelling on their L.A. property.

The guest house:
  • Can't be sold or rented separately
  • Must be built on a property with an existing home on it
  • If it is attached, must not exceed 30% of the main's home living space
  • If it is detached, it must not exceed 1200 sq. ft.
  • Must meet local building code requirements
  • Must have included an additional off-street parking space
All of these standards and more must be met in order to legally build a guest house on a property in Los Angeles. Be sure to hire to a professional building contractor. The expert will help you navigate all of the permits, zoning regulations and building codes you must meet. It will not only save you stress but also time and money. From planning to designing to structural foundations to putting the roof on or even converting a garage into a guest house - a good and reputable contractor will know precisely what is required and how to do it right.

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